Moose the Pug


It's Me, Moose the pug


Moose (aka Moosie) is a 3 year old pug living in Toronto with his sister Buffy the Pug. He is full of energy and love, and he finds happiness in making others smile. He likes to join us on all adventures, which includes travels around our city and also long road trips; he is always up for a car ride.

Every Friday Moose shows his #streetstyle with a graffiti photo. We've been collecting these street art pictures for a while now; most of them are taken in Toronto and Brooklyn.

Moose loves agility classes and staying active on the weekends, he will always stop & sit for treats, and he likes to take long naps on weekdays. He can usually be found snuggling with a toy or sitting in a sun slice. We have been incredibly fortunate to meet so many pug friends and pug family through Moose's adventures on social media. All of our pictures are shot on iPhone. We hope that you will follow along!

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Caitlin + Derek